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Copyright 2009 Nathan Ashe.



By: Nathan Ashe



Her eyes sparkle like fire bright

They light the darkest of night

Lips and hair of raven black

Avoid her gaze and never look back

She moves with grace without a sound

Closer and closer floating Oe’r the ground

From her trance you cannot repel

She is called the dark angel


At night she will rise again

Her thirst for blood will begin

Her beauty is sinfully enticing

With a voice that is soft and inviting

Skin so soft and a pallor ashen white

Locked in her gaze one is frozen in fright

Her blazing eyes will cast a spell

She is called the dark angel


Born to the night from centuries past

An evil taken hold she cannot cast

Doomed to walk the night alone

Though her legions have grown

Many forms she will take including a mist

Another will be born when they have been kissed

Like an angel from grace she fell

She is called the dark angel


Nightfall the townsfolk all dread

Cursed is she and called the undead

They talk of her kind by a campfire

She is Nosferatu or Vampire

The stories have grown from old folklore

Her tale is told from days of yore

About her bloodlust they tell

She is called the dark angel


Copyright Nathan Ashe 2007








By: Nathan Ashe


T’was a cold, gray and dark December day

One I will remember, the day she came my way

When first we met, a vision bright

And light the darkest night

From where she came no one does know

No prints she left in the snow

Tales of lore tell of Anna Lee, from days of yore

Hair that’s fair, gold as the sun and eyes of blue azure


Be warned tho’ her piercing stare

Heed not this warning if you dare

Many have come b’fore,

Now are gone there come so many more

To her they’re life blood ebbs,

She calls out from the grave

“Not true, I do deny” 

‘Neath the ground she does not lie

“Alive! Alive!” out loud I call,

On deaf ears my call D’oth fall

On bleak and barren ground,

She walks without a sound


Tis’ my decision I make,

Blind to devastation left in Anna Lee’s wake

Lured in her hypnotic gaze,

My mind locked in a foggy haze

Break free in hell I realize

She is now hideous and evil

Her beauty now has gone,

Eyes are blazing fire like the devil

A living corpse she has become,

“Run! Run away” I tell myself b’gone

On softened ground, rain falls hard,

In this forgotten lonely graveyard


The sound behind me an eerie moan,

I trip and fall by a crumbling tombstone

In shock I see- the name reads Anna Lee 

“I Say to Ye, this cannot be!”

Out of the fog no longer walking,

Toward me she is floating

I lay on the ground shaking in fear,

Closer and closer she draws near

As light of day appears,

From a misty form Anna Lee disappears

Another moonlit night,

Her tormented soul will take flight


Young and old will flee,

To avoid the hideous sight of Anna Lee

No longer a tale of lore, 

Anna Lee walks the night forevermore



Copyright Nathan Ashe 2007




By: Nathan Ashe


Unearthly beauty

Raven hair and pallor white

An everlasting eternity

Alone she walks the night

Long gone is my Emily

The wind blows briskly

At the onset of fall

Under a harvest moon shining brightly

I think of my love, my all

I shed a tear for my Emily

We met on a night that was starry

In the dark her eyes were glowing

A mysterious entity

Her raven hair was shining

I long for my Emily

She moves about swiftly

I search throughout the night

My eyes are getting misty

At the break of dawns first light

I miss my Emily

Her voice whispers sweetly

Softly she call my name

I feel her touch so gently

Like a soft summer rain

Forever my love for Emily

Though I miss her greatly

My love for her has shown

In life I loved her dearly

I kneel by her tombstone

And lay a rose for Emily


©Copyright 2009





By: Nathan Ashe



At nighttime the dark ones children

Dance in a sacrilegious cotillion

Dim embers glow in the pitch-blackness

I fear for this evil madness

In the graveyard spirits of the dead arise

Mournful of a fate that caused their demise


Across a vast sea of emptiness

A raven’s cry does break the silence

Alone in my study strange shadows I see

Dark hooded figures and demons vex me

There is nowhere to hide this night of fear

Ghastly figures mockingly jeer


From the heavens to the pits of hell

Legions of dark angels out of grace fell

Condemned to eternal doom

From them there is no safe room

Pray thee, escape this most darkest night

If only the gray gloom of morning light


A heavy rain puts out the dark ones ashes

As lightning streaks and thunder crashes

No more do spirits swirl around

Back to their home beneath the ground

Until again the nighttime does fall

And chill the spine at the ravens call



Copyright Nathan Ashe 2005




By: Nathan Ashe

It sits perched up on a hill

By itself like a lonely sentinel

The house left unattended

Remains as a picture in time suspended

It waits for once again to breathe new life

Bought by a man of wealth and his wife

The house no longer an eyesore

Has come to life once more

As the years pass madness grows

The darkness and true evil shows

In the dark dead of endless night

The owner in fear takes flight

The rumors of his wife’s demise

Cast a shroud of suspicion in everyone’s eyes

False are the rumors he states

A dark force to claim others awaits

Cursed is the ground the house sits on

Only sadness and gloom for everyone

For those who in doubt may be

A challenge set forth for those to see

A group is formed, they number five

A million to those who by dawn survive

Locked in with no way of escape

And no one knows each others fate

The nighttime orb shines bright

Casting eerie shadows in the night

Locked inside, haunting sounds they hear

Silent to others are their screams of fear

They now believe something controls their will

Inside the house on haunted hill


©Copyright 2009


 By: Nathan Ashe


 It was a dark stormy evening

The lightning was brightly flashing

The thunder was rumbling

Rain was heavy and the wind was blowing


The dark gloomy house looked foreboding

Through the dimly lit halls Mauria was walking

Making her way down the staircase delicately stepping

Her long silky white night gown was flowing


In the light of the hall her blond hair was glistening

At the door to my den Mauria stood shivering

I felt her presence and looked up from my reading

Mauria collapsed as to her side I came running


But to late was I for Mauria was no longer living

Gone but a fortenight I lay here dreaming

I see her in the hallway to me she is beckoning

As I approach she is slowly disappearing


I awake with a start my name I hear her whispering

Many years have gone by the time is flying

By Mauria’s side I will soon be standing



 Copyright Nathan Ashe 2003





By: Nathan Ashe


A dark eerie mansion sits on rugged terrain

The rain falls hard against the window pane

Wind in the trees blows fiercely this night

Claps of thunder and lightning flashes bright

Yeh, I walk these dark foreboding halls

I turn in start to sounds within the walls


The sound of knocking gets louder and louder

I hear my heart pound harder and harder

Her presence is felt in a cold sudden chill

Draining my soul and weakening my will

My body is numb and my knees are weak

Atop the staircase I see the misty form of Angelique


Her eyes like ruby’s and ablaze with fire

In life she was every mans desire

As I stand here frozen in fear

Descending with open arms she draws near

Alas, here I have come to believe

Knowing well that I must leave


In haste I run out into the storm

Leaving this tale to thee I warn

If in this house you hear the floor above creak

Beware, and leave for it is the spirit of Angelique




Copyright Nathan Ashe 2004




By: Nathan Ashe



Set among barren earth

Vegetation shows no rebirth

Streams and ponds had dried

Flowers and wildlife had died

Lord Barclay called his land cursed

Into his writing he was immersed

The house of Barclay looked desolate

Thru the manor footsteps would resonate

Empty were the long dark halls

Eerie sounds were heard within the walls

Ill with a rare strange malady

Lord Barclay spent his time in the study

The days of autumn grew shorter

And the house grew colder

Lady Barclay walked the night

Unable to tolerate the daylight

One day Laura Barclay’s suitor arrived

From the city a two-day carriage ride

Shocked by the condition of the manor

He reeled at lady Barclay’s ashen pallor

In the dimly lit drawing room he did await

Pacing nervously with a steady gait

Then in walked lord Barclay sullen with concern

You must leave this house to thee I warn

To remain will only bring despair

Go quickly if for Laura you care

Alone without my Laura I will not go

To stay for her my love does show

Your decision to stay has sealed your fate

I beg you heed what I say before its to late

With this final warning the house did shake

As if below the ground did quake

Laura Barclay entered looking pale a snow

Sadly with a warning if you love me you must go

Nay, I shall not, my love for you is true

When I arrived a fear inside me grew

With sadness Laura showed him his room

Dark and dreary filled with gloom

In mid of night the suitor awoke, a heavy feeling pressed

Lady Barclay bore the news his Laura had passed

In disbelief her name out loud he cried

He could not believe she suddenly died

Throughout the night he could not sleep

By his Laura’s bedside a vigil he did keep

At dawn lord Barclay entered more pale than before

Instructing the suitor to carry her to the main floor

In a coffin in the parlor, in death she lay sleeping

In anguish he could swear she was breathing

With a start he announced she is living

Lord Barclay stated it’s only your grieving

Guided by torchlight lord and suitor carried the maiden

Thinking not of their heavy burden

Down the steep stairway to where family is kept

In the dark narrow passage to the family crypt

Lord Barclay requested the suitor to remain

Until he was sure he was over his pain

Many days at the manor he did stay

Haunted by the thought of where his Laura lay

Many nights he had been awakened by screams

Not sure it was real or only hazy dreams

Awakened one night his name someone did call

The suitor ventured through the dark empty hall

Down the dark stone stairway

To where his Laura did lay

Horrified by an empty coffin he did see

Signs of a terrifying fate, in haste he did flee

Up a large staircase he bound to Lord Barclay’s room

Finding the Lord and Lady awaiting forthcoming doom

She’s alive out loud he cried

A fact that could not be denied

Lord Barclay claimed her malady had made her mad

It had caused her to first appear to be dead

The house again began to rumble

Pictures and fixtures began to tumble

Lady Barclay begged him go while you can

The beginning of the end had just began

Away from this cursed house is what he thought

His love was gone, his emotions he fought

He ran down to the foyer as ceiling beams crashed down

In the hallway he saw Laura in her blood stained burial gown

Avoiding her horrifying gaze he ran out the door

The house crumbled and burned ending the Barclay’s evermore



Copyright Nathan Ashe 2004






By: Nathan Ashe


The tale goes out far and wide

About a young girl who died

On a lonely road struck by a car

Her story is known near and far

At rest her soul will not be

Along this road her spirit you may see


People claim to have picked up Mary

Although the stories may vary

In a dress of white and hair of gold

To those she meets her touch is cold

She will dance the night away

Given a ride not a word she will say


The stories of this young girl are many

Some say her name may not really be Mary

A specter seen in the cemetery late night

Wandering around a lady in white

Though her real name might not be known

The different stories have grown


If you give her a ride down archer avenue

Passing the cemetery she’ll disappear from view

Wherever her spirit may roam

This cemetery is where she calls home

To those who never heard this story

They call this spirit Resurrection Mary



Copyright Nathan Ashe 2004






                                              By: Nathan Ashe



As the day ends and the sun sets

An eerie fog rolls over tombstones and crypts

Shadowed by only a pale moonlight

They rise and walk, the children of the night

Thru the ages the stories are told

They thirst for blood and their touch is cold


In old world Europe the tales have grown

To the old and young these tales are known

Thru centuries it is said they have lived

They walk at night they are undead

They move about in night’s foggy haze

Their eyes are like burning embers ablaze


Hideous features that are sunken and drawn

They must return to their tomb before dawn

Another night they will rise again

Their thirst for blood will then begin

From a wolf or bat to a creeping mist

Different forms they may enlist


From Europe to across the vast seas

Their malady is spread like a fearful disease

Their pallor is ashen and teeth glistening

Their kiss will be another ones christening

The stories are told by the light of a campfire

They are the living dead, they are called Vampyre



Copyright Na





By: Nathan Ashe



Perched high on a ridge above the Irish Sea

A labyrinth of subterranean caverns honeycomb below me

The castle is magnificent as any fine mansion around

Still among common townsfolk, tales of terror abound

At night it looks dark, eerie and foreboding

Wind whistles thru’ her battlements as if a lost soul moaning



Nay! A madman I am not as those around may believe

Blind to all those fevered minds, ones appearance may deceive

Ghostly sounds echo throughout these cavernous halls

The wind carries those mournful sounds as nighttime falls

Along the road – barren knarled trees, reach out as if to swallow

Lost carriages and lives fuel horror stories throughout the hollow


T’was a fortnight of All Hollows Eve this tale began

Lord Palmer of Glen brook Manor, guided only by a single lantern

Fell to his death on a damp stone stairway to a pitch-black abyss

For days Lord Palmer not seen around, all believed something to be amiss

Many nights the manor was dark, on All Hallows Eve his body was found

A quiet dark night I took possession; the creaking door was the only sound


A fool am I say thee, to stay in Glen brook Manor  - then a fool I be

Wretched, small minded gossipers – if there be a ghost, then show to me

They say he appears – then wait I shall in the dark of All Hallows Eve

Light from the fire pit cast eerie shadows, “Hark! Lord Palmer?” nay my eyes deceive

In the hour of late, asleep I lay, startled awake in pitch black I stay

Outside my chamber door the footsteps draw near, B’gone if thee a ghost, away!


Awake I remain until first of light, above the trees at dawn

The light of day tho’ a sky of gray, provide no comfort in the morn’

Still shaken and rattled I am, from nights prior hath my mind perceived

“No! I say, no.” give in to those tales I will not, last night I shall forget




Copyright Nathan Ashe 2007


than Ashe 2006


 By: Nathan Ashe


Thru these cavernous canyons of concrete

Under bleak foreboding gray skies

Amid barren trees that line the street

Wander a populace with fixed and glazed eyes

Aimlessly about these souls do wander

Not long ago, once alive like me

What moves these empty shells I sit and ponder

An uncertain future is all that I see

Was I the only person that did survive

No one listened to those that gave warning

They said this day would come, with no one alive

I ran and hid as the sirens were blaring

Now alone in a dark dungeon I roam

In search of life I must move town to town

Under darkness I search for a new home

No sign of life, I leave each city with a frown

Each day is like autumn cold and gray

I long for a clear blue sky or the moon to shine

Or even a bright star to light my way

This vast barren land I can call mine

Alas, after years I see the ocean from a hill

Below is a peaceful valley where rivers once ran

Now it is eerie so quiet and still

I bow my head and realize, I am the last man.

©Copyright 2009 NA




By: Nathan Ashe

The daytime sun shines bright

With a sky of sapphire blue

Dotted with puffy clouds of white

The ocean reflects the sky’s hue

Small children run and play

In fields with grass of emerald green

In a summer breeze, flowers and trees sway

All around the wonders of nature are seen

Though we live in a world of light

When shadows fall, one should be wary

For there is a side that’s dark as night

A side that’s cold and eerie

Lifeless trees stand dry and brittle

Grass no longer green and alive

Now sits brown and covered with thistle

Ponds now dry and nothing can survive

Ghosts and phantoms are seen across the land

Evil forces are felt in a creeping mist

Through pitch-black in a forest that has no end

Where stark reality, demons and specters do exist

To this world there’s those who are drawn

Others who fear the dark run and hide

The frightened ones await the approaching dawn

But alas, there’s no escape from the dark side





By: Nathan Ashe



The ocean sprays a salty mist

Against a jagged rocky cliff

A dark and dreary mansion on a rise

Beneath the dark, gray gloomy skies


Wind whistles through lifeless trees

A mournful sound in the autumn breeze

Ghostly mists begin to take form

Thunder announces an approaching storm


Lightning flashes and thunder crashes

A heavy rain pounds and the sea thrashes

Night falls as the storm rages

The house withstood these storms thru the ages


Inside creepy eerie sounds are heard

By those brave enough to have entered

In its day Seacliffe Manor was an elegant palace

But now it is filled with an evil malice


Many generations have lived within

Now a couple’s inheritance will begin

To break its curse will be in vain

Only to have its malady remain


Driven out in the dark of night

A terrified couple has taken flight

Once again dark, empty and alone it stands

Seacliffe Manor awaits another soul to command



Copyright Nathan Ashe 2005




The Inheritance


By: Nathan Ashe


Many shades of gray

On a dark gloomy day

Shadows cast, look so forlorn

In the dreary early dawn

Wind thru barren trees, does whistle

By an eerie mansion overgrown with thistle


Life there does not abound

Only the wind will make a sound

Vexed by a burning passion

Madness brings me to this mansion

Here am I with hesitance

May this be my inheritance


Stories of this house are told

Not a soul crosses the threshold

Foolish am I

To find out why

I recall the stories gave me a scare

They say only enter if you dare


Curiosity begins my query

Of why this house is dark and eerie

What lies beyond this door

Makes me wonder even more

Inside a grim secret lies

A family bond that ties


Shadows and phantoms I see

The nights I spent only number three

My mind says from here be gone

In my heart I feel this is my home

Ghostly figures approach me

Into the night I try to flee


Blinded by fear, I do not see

The giant oak in front of me

The house to my soul it calls

Forever my fate, to walk these halls

Once again the house is silent

Until we call the next inheritant




Copyright Nathan Ashe 2008



Sean Kelly


By: Nathan Ashe



The tale is told

By folks who know

They tell a weary stranger

The lore from days of old

Of the ghost who walks the valley

The specter of Sean Kelly


They tell his tale around a fire

In his beloved land of Eire

What caused him to wander alone

A reason may never be known

On a foggy night dark and eerie

You may see the ghost of Sean Kelly


He walked the land

A gunee sack at his side

And a walking stick in his hand

With no home to call his own

By night he would roam

Accepting no help from anyone


Old and tired was he

Recalling the days he sailed the sea

He lived alone

And had no family

The sad tale of Sean Kelly


No one knows of his demise

Found lying beneath stormy skies

Laid to rest in an old church yard

Some see him standing guard

If at night you hear the cry of a Banshee

You may see the ghost of Sean Kelly




Copyright Nathan Ashe 2008






            By: Nathan Ashe


Moonlight shows a swirling mist

            Blades of grass glisten where the dew has kissed

            Meet me here just before the early morn

            And together we can share the dawn

            Shadows of the night begin to fade

            Daylight shows a golden shade


            The daytime has begun anew

            Meet me here again just like you always do

            I can’t wait for night to fall again

            Meet me here when the day is at its end

            Here it is another moonlit night

            The tombstone shadows fade from sight


            All that I can see is only you and me

            Nighttime tricks our eyes to what we see

            Beyond this lonely graveyard lies a sullen lake

            Meet me there after you awake

            We’ll dance across the calm glassy water

            And I will hold on tight if you should falter


            All our fear and pain will be forgotten

            As we dance and swirl our way to heaven    

            Gather all your thoughts for life is just a road

            What you think is or is not reality

            May just be a haunting memory

            And at the end of life’s road

            The only thing that’s left is eternity


Copyright Nathan Ashe 2001




A Curse

By: Nathan Ashe

Observation of things I see

Insight to realms uncontrolled by me

Dimensions of my sight and mind

A dark expanse of eerie forms I find

Many visions in my mind’s eye

Some are just dark as a night sky

A gift I have some may say

A curse I think as in bed I lay

Safely I stay within my room

Sheltered from nights foggy gloom

An ability to delve into ones psyche

The curse that is borne by me

Whether a dream or ghostly vision

To their mournful cries I listen

Among us tormented souls may be

Some calm and at peace I see

At a time when the mournful cries cease

I’ll have a feeling their at peace

My only solace is to take flight

Out of this metropolis into the night

Once again reality sets in

As a new day will soon begin

A gift all others seem to see

I know it is a curse that haunts me



Copyright©  NA2010





By: Nathan Ashe


Life that I have known

Like time is past and gone

Into eternity events have lapsed

Memories can only be re-capped

A life that I once knew

Has faded like twilights amber hue

I long for sunshine bright

Fate has kept me in the night

I have the cunning of a wolf

And swifter than a horses hoof

The strength like that of a hundred

I now have joined my kindred

Life is now an eternal darkness

No more the touch of a lovers caress

O’er land and shining sea

Once discovered I must flee

A horrific monster am I

If clever enough I will not die

All my wealth I would give

If once again I could live

Life I have is endless bloodlust

A trance is how I gain ones trust

Another’s blood is how I live

To me they helplessly give

From night to endless night

Whether pitch black or bright moonlight

In search of blood I roam the land

Moving about without a sound

They say my eyes glow like fire

I am undead, I am called vampire


©copyright NA 2009




By: Nathan Ashe


A storm is on the rise

Lightning brightens the skies

A strong fall breeze

Blows thru barren trees

You can listen to the sound

Of whispers in the wind


Beneath clouds of gray

At the last light of day

Everything is still

 A fall wind brings a chill

Not a bird will make a sound

Only whispers in the wind


Tombstones cast eerie shadows

As fog covers the meadows

In the dark of night

Clouds cover the moons light

Nowhere is there a sound

Just whispers in the wind


They call out in the night

But most will flee in fright

Their mournful cry you hear

It is the unknown you fear

Those lost souls will abound

 And cast whispers in the wind


Amid this lonely graveyard

A misty sentinel stands guard

Haunted this graveyard may be

At nightfall the faint of heart will flee

Restless souls below the ground

Are the whispers in the wind



Copyright 2009 Nathan Ashe




By: Nathan Ashe

 On a night that’s dark and dreary

After a day that’s long and weary

Alone in my den I come to rest

On my chair that’s soft as a robins nest

The wind outside is fiercely blowing

I see a branch on the window tapping

Settled in for a long stormy night

I sit and read by single candlelight

Later that evening I doze off dreaming

Nightmares of phantoms and creatures screeching

Running thru labyrinths of corridors

Dark and filled with macabre horrors

From grotesque, disfigured souls I flee

Thru a misty darkness endless as a vast sea

I see myself falling in a dark black hole

I come to rest on a grassy knoll

With a loud rumble of thunder I awaken

In darkness I sit startled and shaken

A lightning flash brightens the room

I have an eerie feeling of gloom

To calm my nerves I go to the liquor pantry

My hands shaking I pour myself a brandy

All my fears have come to pass

Vile creature’s from my dream amass

In a golden light again I arise

I look around in surprise

My house is empty everything is gone

I know that I am all alone

no more do I have anything to show

I now realize, I’m in the afterglow


©Copyright 2009







  By: Nathan Ashe

A calm glassy lake by night

Paled by a full moonlight

Arising from the lake in my imagination

Specters of hopelessness and desperation

Soul’s of those long gone

Reach out from a life undone


Eerie, visions emerge from the woods

Faceless figures wearing robes and hoods

Run I must, before they converge

Symbols of good and evil merge

In haste I turn and attempt to flee

Phantom horsemen approach behind me


In fear I know not what to do

If a dream I pray, let it be through

Begone ye demons of the night

Guide restless souls into the light

Misty figures with lifeless eyes

I pray thee not be my demise


Restless spirits wander around

Some in loneliness they make no sound

Others lament with a mournful moan

To us the living make their presence known

Though frightened I will not scream

Knowing well this is only a dream


Ghosts abound, among us they walk

To us in whispers they talk

A morning dove I hear as I awake

Free from the nightmare by the lake

Ghosts and phantoms May be real

Explains the chill I sometimes feel





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Do not fear the dark, embrace it.