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Paranormal Screening
If you believe you have paranormal activity at your home or business, the TIGS team can come at an appointed time that is convenient to you or a representative of your choosing. All information will be kept confidential and not publicized. At this meeting preliminary information of the site will be noted and base readings will be taken. We will explain what we will do if an investigation is warranted. Sometimes an answer or solution can be determined at the preliminary meeting and an investigation may not be necessary.


Pre-Investigation Consultation

Prior to an investigation we first consult with the client and gather important information necessary for us to do an accurate investigation. We have to ask important personal questions that are relevent to what we do. We ask that the client be 100 per-cent honest with us. The personal information will in no way be revealed and only the investigator asking the questions will ever know the information. If the client wishes us to do an investigation we will set a day and time to be there. In some cases a client may only want to talk with us and answer any questions they have.


Psychic Cleansing

Our Psychic/Medium Mark Crowe is proficient at doing a cleansing of the clients property. If requested he will go through the clients home or business and with organnic items cleanse the property of any negative energy and bad spirits that may be present. For this purpose contact Mark at the email address located in the left column. Like with  TIGS there is never a fee for services. An investigation is not required to do a cleansing but, if you want to know for sure that there is negative energy present it is advisable to contact us also.


Property Research

The TIGS members are able to research your property to find out information about its past history. Events in the past may be a reason for any paranormal activity they the client may be experiencing. Depending on the age of the property and the location could and most possibly is the reason for the activity that the client is having. Many factors can be the cause of paranormal activity, an area that is rich in limestone is believed to be the cause of activity, high EMF's (Electro-Magnetic Field) is thought to cause hallucinations and nausea,  indian burial grounds. This and other factors can be determined by research and it is an invaluable tool to us in an investigation.


Paranormal Presentations

TIGS members are available to come out to any function and conduct our paranormal presentation. We do these presentations in order to let the general public be aware of what we do. We will be able to inform a large group of people in a community or a private function on the basics of paranormal activity. They will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the investigators after the presentation and will be able to set up an investigation if they want. Most people are afraid to say anything if they believe they are having paranormal activity in the're home or business. This gives them the chance to speak with someone who wont say that they are crazy. We will believe you, all you have to do is call or email us and we will come and do a presentation at your next function.


Cleansing & Blessing

We will do a complete house cleansing and if warranted we will also do a house blessing to eliminate negative energy. ''

we use all organic herbs so there is no fear of toxic chemicals that are harmful. We go from room to room and cleanse everywhere that the energy might be present while reciting an incantation. For the blessing we use blessed oil on all doors and windows to keep unwanted entities from entering. TIGS as always provide these services without any charge.



In the case of a demonic energy or possession we have as a resource a non-denominational minister who is trained to exorcise dark or demonic energies, in this case an investigation is not required, we direct you to our exorcist and he will set up a time to come out. We have used him on many occasions with great success.






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