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Why I am called DarkPoet
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My Dark Poetry
By:  Nathan Ashe




As twilight fades and night falls

The nighttime orb lights the land

Out of the dimly lit ebon, a night wing calls

I see misty white specters

Dance in the graveyard of my minds eye

They taunt me with mocking gestures


Footsteps in the dark, behind me I hear

Closer and closer nearer they draw

I turn in start, overwhelmed with fear

Running now ahead I see a castle

A haven to me, though dark and eerie

Over rugged terrain and overgrown thistle


In the caverns of my mind these thoughts I envision

Why then do I write of the macabre

Could it be my dark thoughts from within

Creatures, ghosts and phantoms I see

Disembodied souls I hear that lament and sob

In dreams and visions that seem real to me


Almost always there is a dark gloomy mansion

Crumbling with neglect, with windows broken

Atop the stairway is a ghostly apparition

Mansions and battlements on a summit

I write of graveyards and dark forests

Dark and eerie things I see, I am the darkpoet





Copyright Nathan Ashe 2008

All content on this page is copyright property of Nathan Ashe.
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Do not fear the dark, embrace it.