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How do I become a member?


You might be asking yourself "how do I become a member?" Well it is really easy, all you have to do is go to our official website and fill out the online application. Once we receive your application and review it we will contact you by phone to set up an interview. It's that easy. Click on the link if you wish to join right now.

What is required to join

Only the seriously interested are asked to apply, you must have a strong passion for the paranormal. You are expected to be available if  needed. We understand that emergencies come up or family events and we try to set up events when everyone is available, but sometimes an urgent case will come up and I would expect to have at least one person able to investigate. No prior experience is needed, we will provide necessary training. If you have knowledge of the procedures of investigating and the equipment that Is a plus.


If you only want to check it out and plan on leaving after one investigation do not apply. We want dedicated people who will be with us a long time.


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