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Paranormal means something that cannot be logically or scientifically explained.


There are many areas of the paranormal, things that are unbelieveable. It doesn't only mean ghosts, other areas of the paranormal are: UFO's, Crop circles, Orbs, Parallel Universes, Numbers, Dreams, Deja Vu, Angels and Demons, Time Travel. We basically just investigate hauntings, and try to find evidence of paranormal activity in a residence or commercial institution. We have to keep an open mind and go into an investigation objectively and not expecting to get anything. On occasion we have debunked claims of spirit activity, and on other occasions we were able to capture evidence of the paranormal. There are no experts in this field we all learn as we go.



During the course of our investigation we use a variety of tools. Our main items are what a beginner would use such as digital and 35mm still cameras, infrared video cameras 8mm tape and digital disc and EMF ( electro - magnetic field ) meters one being an analog tri-field meter and a KII meter.